Wise Woman Oil/Collage/Panel 16×16 Framed (Commission Available)
The Secret Oil/Collage/Panel 16×16 Framed (Original available)
Smoking Buddha Oil/Collage/Panel 16×16 Framed (Commission Available)
Bird in Hand Oil/Collage/Panel 16×16 Framed (Commission Available)
A Little Birdie Whispered In Her Ear Oil/Collage/Panel 16×16 Framed (Original Available)

These little cameos arose in response to the plight of birds and flora in a time of environmental degradation.  I was thinking about all of the gorgeous birds that add music to our mornings, color to our days, and how much they depend upon fresh air and clean water to live, like us.  We are the guardians of that water and air.  I thought about the saints reaching down from the heavens to protect and warn us to care for the animals and ourselves.  

I am also alluding to the quiet depth and caring of many women that I have encountered, and have sought to capture that internal moment of introspection. I hope to interject a bit of humor and oddness to these pieces as well. I believe that humor is akin to love.

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