balancingact1-1024x607BALANCING ACT  oil/canvas 40 x 60

4408THE INTERVIEW oil/panel 72 x 48

carrera_00041-1024x450THE BRIDGE  oil/panel 36 x 72

2009may05_4400REFLECTIONS oil/canvas 40 x 60

carrera_0002-1024x610SCENIC OVERLOOK  oil/canvas 40 x 60

2009may05_4411-1024x769OUR TOWN  oil/canvas 36 x 48

carrera_0005-642x1024DAWN oil/canvas 40 x 30

carrera_00011-620x1024THE DELTA oil/canvas 40 x 30

carrera_00111-1022x1024CORPUS CALLOSUM oil/canvas 24 x 24 sold

morning2-1024x1021MORNING  oil/canvas 24 x 24 sold

The PALIMPSEST series continues from my landscapes and other series: over a fully realized painting, I add layers of oil paint and mixed media to produce an obscuring effect on the image akin to the processes of memory and forgetting.  I am interested in the way images of our personal and collective memories often push through layers of time and new experiences into our thoughts.