FOREST HEIGHTS: oil/canvas 60 x 96
My experience of the natural world is often one of momentary passing images, seen through the windows of a car, a train, or from the air; I am particularly interested in the many ways that we choose to interact with the world around us; to build upon, to change, to create monumental works of art upon, or conversely the ways that we choose to ignore, destroy or take for granted. My use of overlapping layers evokes the complexity of both our perceptions and our memories regarding the passage of time.

MONOPOLY  oil/canvas 48×60
NESTING/canvas 48 x 60 sold
WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE oil/canvas 48 x 60
AUTUMN: oil/canvas 36 x 40 sold
VIEWPOINT oil/canvas 36 x 48 sold
BIRDS EYE VIEW oil/canvas  24 x 36 sold
THE CONGREGATION oil/canvas 60 x 60 sold